Arthropathies (elbows)

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Arthropathies (elbows)

The most common non-traumatic disease of the elbow is (enthesitisin all its forms, including


 Furthermore, there are

  • nerve compressions (e.g. ulnar nerve entrapment), with tingling paresthesia and function loss in the pinkie finger and along the ulnar as typical symptoms.

Conservative therapeutic measures are of great importance here (including physiotherapy and physical therapy, shock wave therapy, infiltrationsclose to the tendons). Only a very few cases require surgery any more.

Further causes for elbow pain are traumatic injuries, including

  • fractures (babysitter’s elbow/radial head subluxation) and
  • injuries of the tendons/ligaments.

Depending on the severity, these require either conservative therapy (with immobilization of the joint) or surgical measures. After the healing process is completed, the elbow in particular requires intensive physiotherapy to regain full mobility.

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