Arthropathies (hips)

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Arthropathies (hips)

The most common hip joint condition is

  • osteoarthritis. In addition to conservative measures (cf. above), treatment may include surgical procedures. If, for example, the patient's mobility is impaired by local bone spurs (osteophytes), arthroscopy may be indicated. For younger, physically active patients whose entire joint is afflicted by osteoarthritis, a surface replacement (Mc Minn prosthetis) that leaves the femoral head intact may be considered. Older patients usually require a total endoprosthesis (cemented/uncemented).


Further arthropathies of the hips include

  • hip impingement syndrome, which occurs most often in athletes (ballet, martial arts) during extreme hip movement. In addition to conservative therapies (see above), these sometimes require surgery. During the surgical procedure, the factors causing the impingement are removed arthroscopically.


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