Responsible for the content published on this website are:

Dr. med. Sabine Bahr, Dr. med. Brit Schumann-Veith, and Henning Tautz

Eichhornstrasse 2

10785 Berlin, Germany


Phone: 030–259 25 444

Fax: 030–250 25 449




They are answerable to the Code of Medical Ethics of the Ärztekammer Berlin (Berlin Medical Chamber) and the Medical Professions Code of the State of Berlin. The relevant regulations can be found in the State of Berlin law gazette 1997, page 678; amended by the VIII Law for the Amendment of Chamber Regulations of the State of Berlin, October 5, 1999, page 537.


Supervisory body:


Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin

Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts

Masurenallee 6 A

14057 Berlin, Germany


Phone: 030-31 003 - 0

Fax: 030-31 003 - 380




Medical Chamber:


Ärztekammer Berlin

Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts

Friedrichstrasse 16

10969 Berlin, Germany


Phone: 030-40 80 6 - 0

Fax: 030-40 80 6 - 34 99




Occupational title: Physician (licensed in Germany)


Rules of professional conduct:


Code of medical ethics of the Ärztekammer Berlin (Berlin Medical Chamber)

Chamber Law of the State of Berlin


Partners authorized to represent the practice:


Dr. med. Sabine Bahr

Dr. med. Brit Schumann-Veith

Henning Tautz




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