Inpatient surgery

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Some surgical procedures must be performed on an inpatient basis. This usually involves several days of hospitalization. Inpatient surgery is typical in major procedures such as joint replacements. We currently perform our inpatient surgery at the Protestant Elisabeth Clinic, which is located at 500 m linear distance from our practice.

Our close cooperation with the anesthetists and internists there begins with pre-surgical preparations, including lab and ECG tests. This ensures that the entire team is well prepared for each case. After surgery, you will be cared for by the hospital's nursing staff and by us. Post-surgery care includes effective pain management, continuous wound management and bandage changes, as well as specific physiotherapeutic exercises that support full recovery and best-possible results.

Major surgical procedures performed on an inpatient basis include

  • hip surgery (total endoprosthethis/TEP, revision surgery, implant exchange surgery)
  • knee surgery (partial/sled prosthesis, total endoprosthesis/TEP).

If a patient suffers from a previous internal condition (lungs, heart) that increases the risk of surgery or if no caregiver is available at home, we will also perform the procedures listed under "outpatient surgery" on an inpatient basis.

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