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If all non-surgical therapy options have been exhausted, we will conduct a comprehensive consultation to explore the specific needs in each case. Together with the patient we decide whether outpatient surgery is a viable option. The advantage of outpatient surgery is that no overnight stay is required. Outpatient surgery is a typical option for minor surgical procedures like arthroscopy and minor hand/foot surgery. Pre-surgical preparation includes a comprehensive information session in which we explain all relevant details regarding the procedure and anesthesia. After the surgery your physician will explain the result of the operation as well as necessary follow-up treatment before releasing you. Starting with the first day after surgery, we perform continued wound checkups and bandage changes. We also start with physiotherapeutic exercises. All further outpatient follow-up care is administered as part of our regular practice services.

Most arthroscopic procedures can now be performed on an outpatient basis. They facilitate so-called bandaid or keyhole surgery in which a camera with 6-times magnification and micro-surgical instruments are inserted into the joint.

Arthroscopic procedure are often used for operations of the

  • shoulders (calcified shoulder, bursitis, AC joint diseases, removal of foreign bodies, capsule-labrum refixation after shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff suture)
  • wrist (disc removal, carpal tunnel split)
  • knee (meniscal suture repair/refixation/transplantation, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with semitendinosus or patellar tendon, removal of foreign bodies, bone drilling in cases of OD, cartilage damage, or focal osteoarthritis)
  • ankle (bone drilling/refixation in cases of OD, cartilage damage, or focal osteoarthritis).


Minor surgical procedures can also be employed in:

  • matter removal, trapped nerve syndrome (ulnar syndrome), tennis/golfer elbow
  • hand surgery (Dupyutren’s contracture, carpal tunnel/annular pulley split, Epping plastic for rhizarthritis, ganglion), and
  • foot surgery (hallux valgus/hallux rigidus, claw foot/hammer toe, osteoarthritis of the big toe joint, heel spur).

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